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Undergrad Exhibition

Student Equipment Curator • Dec 2019

Tikkl, Inc.

Product/UX Design Intern • Jul 2019

QWER Hacks

Marketing + Design • Jul 2019

UCLA Banerjee Fly Lab

Biomedical Researcher • Jan 2019

UCLA Biomedical Engineering Society

Build Team • Sept 2018


Warner Bros. Entertainment

Creative Services & Design Intern • Jun 2018

UCLA Undergraduate Education Initatives

Student Designer • Feb 2018


Bruin Entrepreneurs

Director • Sept 2017



As part of a studio class for my major we were to create 40 typographic single covers, a poster, and a full-sized album cover for a song of our choice. I chose the song "If This is Love" by Xavier Omär.

Bruin Entrepreneurs Weekly Nights

Bruin Entrepreneurs is UCLA's premier entrepreneurship organization, a reflection of the rapidly expanding startup scene in LA. As the designer, I worked to create Facebook banners for each event.

Designathon 2018

Bruin Entrepreneurs put on our first annual design thinking competition in the spring. I branded the event – choosing the theme, color scheme, and visual elements to create templates for documents, and posts for Facebook. This year the theme was "growth."

Bruin Entrepreneurs Rebrand + Website

Moving into the 2018-2019 school year, I decided to rebrand Bruin Entrepreneurs – updating our color scheme, choosing a new secondary font, making new banners, and completely revamping our website.

World Information Architecture Day Redesign

Another designer and I worked to redesign the website of World IA Day, an international celebration of information architecture that consists of events held in several cities around the globe with speakers, workshops, networking, and various other location-specific opportunities.


In this assignment, we were supposed to shift the meaning of 5-10 pieces of media intended to influence us through combining them in an interactive collage. I used a friend's Spotify playlists to start and other aspects of her online presence.


This project was my final project for my Bio/Nano-Technology + Design class. I wanted to explore gene therapy and address people's concerns about it through typography, videography, and physical installation.

Be Sure to Save

For this motion project, we were asked to create a one-minute animation that illustrated the concept of memory.

Ideo CoLab Makeathon

I was invited to IDEO's Makeathon in San Francisco with sixty other makers to use design thinking to solve human problems using emerging tech and societal trends. My group focused on the impacts of artificial intelligence.


Lyft Redesign [in progress]

I noticed that it's really difficult for my mom when she tries to call a Lyft, so I'm currently working on a redesign that would make the app more accessible for the visually impaired.


natasha puthukudy
University of California, Los AngelesB.A. Design / Media Arts
hello! im natasha – im a designer at ucla. i love engaging at the intersection of design and science, building clean and simple products that address complex and significant problems.