Ideo CoLab Makeathon

I was invited to IDEO's Makeathon in San Francisco with sixty other makers to use design thinking to solve human problems using emerging tech and societal trends. My group focused on the impacts of artificial intelligence.

Role: Designer
Platform: Crossplatform
My team was given the prompt: How might we design AI tools that help human productivity and accurately reflect personalities?

After a long ideation process we came up with the statement, "How might we help K-5 teachers identify and educate their students on social issues that exist in their classroom while also educating them about the topics?"

We prototyped a product called Evergreen, a "pet" to improve diversity and inclusion in K-5 classrooms. The plant grows every day but if it hears something discriminatory, it starts to wilt. Students will be able to physically see the effects of their actions, while teachers get aggregate data at the end of the day with the problematic phrases, additional resources, and potential lesson plans that they can work into their curriculum.