Pulse Oximeter

As part of UCLA's Biomedical Engineering Society Build Team, I built a pulse oximeter with a team of three other people.

Role: Engineer, Designer
Platform: Physical
During fall quarter, we learned the fundamentals of coding, some basic circuitry, and built several mini-projects using Arduinos, like making several LEDs light up in different sequences or using a servo and a dimmer button.
For our final project in winter and spring quarter, we got into teams of four and built pulse oximeters. With the freedom to take the basic project in any direction we wanted to after getting the basic features working, my group decided to build a casing to make the pulse ox look like a whale. After that, we themed the screen and other components. I came up with the idea for the clamp and designed it, coded parts of the output screen using Processing, and helped solder some of the PCB.