As part of a studio class for my major we were to create 40 typographic single covers, a poster, and a full-sized album cover for a song of our choice. I chose the song "If This is Love" by Xavier Omär.

Role: Designer
Platform: Physical
Xavier Omär says this song is about "comparing your self worth to the way you are being treated." He discusses a relationship where his significant other was searching for a type of love that she herself was incapable of reciprocating for him. I wanted to reflect the sort of domesticity of a long-lasting relationship, but also use more outdated mediums to present my work. Instead of making a traditional book, I printed my 40 single covers as a newspaper and put together my process book in a way in which it looked like a crumpled letter.

Newspaper, Full Album Cover, Process Book


II. Composition, Space, and Letter Sizes: We could use different point sizes but all the text had to be the same size.

VI. Rules and Blocks: We could use bold, italics, and regular text of differing sizes and also lines of different size and weights.

VIII. Typography and Punctuation Patterns: We were to represent the song using colors and shapes made from typographic characters, in addition to the song title, artist name, album, etc.

I created the alphabet by printing each Baskerville character and crumpling the paper.

Typographic Poster

Album Cover

The left side contains an excerpt from a review of Omär's album as well as the track list. The right side has the lyrics to two of the songs on the album.

Back of Album Cover