World Information Architecture Day Redesign

Another designer and I worked to redesign the website of World IA Day, an international celebration of information architecture that consists of events held in several cities around the globe with speakers, workshops, networking, and various other location-specific opportunities.

Role: Designer
Platform: Web
Through this project, I learned how to journey map, wireframe, conduct user interviews, research, mockup, and prototype multiple website designs. Jill and I each eventually made several iterations of designs that we compiled and sent to WIAD's organizing team. We then fixed a few things and added components of mine to her main design, though we're still waiting on feedback for potential implementation.
The current website is uninviting and lacks a feeling of legitimacy – a few people we interviewed even said it "looked like a medical site" when in fact the event aims to attract design-minded individuals.

Jill and I created a need statement for our persona, a recent UX graduate looking to learn more and join a community. We also outlined a sitemap and its possible permutations, as well as a flowchart for actions on the site.

Our persona

Site Actions

Initial Sitemap

Design 1N

Design 2N

Design 3N

Design 4N

Design 5N

Design 6N

This is the final design we sent to the WIAD team – a combination of Jill's designs with aspects of some of mine.